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Branding packages start at $760

You are a small business owner tired of posting the same content over and over. 

You want to elevate your business but don't really know where to start.

You think everyone else has better photos to show than you. 

You have never done a branding session before. 

You are revamping your website and your old photos don't match the new look. 

You want to show people what you do best in the best way possible. 

This shoot is for you if...

Whether you’re just updating your LinkedIn profile, launching a new service, promoting an event, or refreshing your personal brand, this photography session will position you for success.

Your personal brand is tied directly to your business, and your photos should reflect this. I like to meet with my clients to strategize on the best studio set, outfits, poses and more to visually communicate your value as a leader.

You’ve done the work. You’ve built the empire. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. 

Professional Branding


Portrait packages start at $425

You haven't taken family photos in over a year.

You need to update the pictures at your house.

You don't have enough photos with your kids because you are always the one taking them.

You care about preserving memories and believe in the value of photography.

This session is for you if...

Ok, I know, I am a photographer so obviously I am into photos, but I can't help it. I get sad every time I have to buy new clothes for my kids because they have grown again! 

Time flies. It's true. And before you know it, they will be out of the house. Let's freeze time together. Let's capture those memories to look at forever. 

Let me be the one behind the camera, so you don't have to choose who doesn't get to be in the picture this time. 

I take family photos twice a year, and it's been the best decision I have ever made. 

Children & Family


Maternity packages start at $415

You have been trying to get pregnant for way too long and finally succeeded.

You always dreamed about being a mom and want to capture this moment. 

You believe this is a true miracle that deserves to be photographed.

You don't want to forget this feeling of intense connection.

This session is for you if...

What does motherhood mean to you? What does it look like?

Whether you are having your first child, carrying your rainbow baby, or including your little ones in this incredible moment,  I will carefully create and curate creative and high end images for you to cherish forever.

The Solis Photo Portraits maternity sessions are a luxury portrait experience for all South Dakota women, celebrating their strength and beauty in motherhood.

Let's celebrate the incredible miracle of motherhood by honoring your journey in the most artistic way.

High-End Maternity


Don't feel like going shopping? My client closet is available to all of my clients!

How about we include 
the outfits too?

When you book your session, we will set up a day for you to come to the studio and dig into my client closet. You can try anything your want and choose 1-2 outfits from it. The day of your session, your outfits will be ready for you to wear before your session!

Because I can't control myself when I go shopping, my client closet is always growing! Follow my social media to see the new pieces that I add!



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A done-for-you marketing strategy and content plan to help you showcase your story and will see your business soar.

Here is where you can put an intro to your client services. What problem does it solve?

client closet

Solis Photo
Client Closet

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